Black and yellow striped fish

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Florida Fish Identification Greater Amberjack Description: Silver and black skin separated by a distinguishable yellowish stripe down the mid-section of body. Amberjack have a dark stripe from their nose to the front of dorsal fin which"lights up" when they are in feeding mode. Where Found: Offshore around rocky reefs, debris, and wrecks, typically in 60 - feet of water; juveniles associated with floating objects and may occur in water less than 30 feet deep. Feeding Habits: Feeds best on live bait pinfish, cigar minnows, croakers, Grunts, spadefish and squirrelfish.
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Fish Identification - Caribbean Fish Identification USVI

As climate change impacts habitats around the world, species are on the move, trying to adapt — and survive. Threadfin Butterflyfish About This Species If the Threadfin Butterflyfish looks familiar, it's because it is a staple of saltwater fish tanks—or because you spend a lot of time in the tropics. The exotic fish, also known as the Diagonal Butterflyfish or the Cross-stripe Butterflyfish, is yellow, black and white, though it looks slightly different depending on where it lives. Those in the Red Sea, for instance, lack the distinctive black spot, or "false eye," on its dorsal fin, which can help confuse predators. The tropical Threadfin Butterflyfish is expanding its range as climate change warms the ocean.
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Fish Guide for Snorkeling Maui

Other colorful and unusual-looking reef fish include chromis, lizardfish, batfish and hogfish. Sweetlips are a fish found in the Pacific and Indian oceans that have thick "lips" and pucker their mouths like it will kiss. They are a schooling fish with yellow fins and spots arranged in a zebra-style patterns on its back. Other colorful schooling fish include unicornfish, surgeonfish and some species of angelfish and damselfish.
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GAG GROUPER Description: brownish gray in color with dark worm-like markings on sides; strong serrated spur at bottom margin of preopercle, less noticeable in large specimens; fins dark, with anal and caudal having white margin. SPECKLED TROUT Description: dark gray or green above, with silvery to white shading below; numerous distinct round black spots on back, extending to the dorsal fins and tail; black margin on posterior of tail; no barbels; no scales on the soft dorsal fin; one or two prominent canine teeth usually present at tip of upper jaw. FLOUNDER Description: body color brown, its shade dependingon color of bottom, with numerous spots and blotches; 3 prominent eye-like spots forming a triangle; one spot on lateral line, one above, one below; numerous white spots scattered over body and fins albigutta, white-spotted ; strong canine-like teeth; caudal fin in shape of wedge, its tip in the middle. KING MACKEREL Description: color of back iridescent bluish green; sides silvery, streamlined body with tapered head; no black pigment on front of dorsal fin; lateral line starts high and drops sharply below the second dorsal fin; young fish often have yellow spots.

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